Cover image for Micro-resilience : minor shifts for major boost in focus, drive, and energy / Bonnie St. John, Allen P. Haines.
Micro-resilience : minor shifts for major boost in focus, drive, and energy / Bonnie St. John, Allen P. Haines.
First edition.
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New York : Center Street, [2017]

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251 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
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Learn powerful, science-based techniques to boost focus, drive and energy hour-by-hour throughout the day--every day.

As leadership consultants and executive trainers, Bonnie St. John and Allen P. Haines have heard the same complaints from clients for years; periodic burnout, lack of focus and low energy. So they dug into the latest research on neuroscience, psychology and physiology looking for big answers. Instead they found small answers; proof that small adjustments in daily routines, including thought patterns, food and drink, rest and movement can fight the forces that sap our energy and store focus and drive. They call these amazing efficient restorative techniques "micro-resilience." Thousands of men and women from all walks of life have already found effortless ways to incorporate these little changes into the busiest of schedules. Dozens of entertaining anecdotes from real people using micro-resilience demonstrate that when our brains fire faster, our energy increases and we can cope with almost any surprise, pressure or crisis.

Author Notes

Amputee/Olympian/Rhodes Scholar Bonnie St. John is a keynote speaker and leadership consultant who has guided individuals--from Fortune 500 C-Suites to start-up entrepreneurs--to their performance goals. Her broad media exposure includes People, Forbes, Essence , The NY Times, Today, CNN, CBS News, PBS, and NPR . NBC News called her, "One of the five most inspiring women in America."

Allen P. Haines served as CEO of several film industry marketing companies. He has advised and coached senior executives at Sony, Disney, IMG, NBC/Universal, and Fox.

Table of Contents

Bonnie St. John
Prefacep. xiii
1 Introduction to Micro-Resilience
Elaine's Storyp. 3
A Universal Conditionp. 6
Defining Resiliencep. 7
The Five Frameworksp. 11
Micro Supports Macrop. 12
Micro-Resilience in Actionp. 14
2 Refocus Your Brain: Think, Organize, and Execute More Effectively
Greg's Storyp. 21
The Sciencep. 22
The Prefrontal Cortex and Executive Brain Functionp. 24
Change and Evolutionp. 25
Multitasking is NOT the Answerp. 27
The Solutionsp. 30
Zone Refocus:p. 30
Create an Island in the Streamp. 30
Change the Culturep. 34
Tipsp. 37
Off-Load Refocus:p. 38
Don't Hold It All in Your Headp. 38
Tipsp. 40
Decision Refocus:p. 41
Watch the Timing, Reduce the Quantityp. 41
Tipsp. 44
Exercise Refocus:p. 47
Use Movement to improve Thinkingp. 47
Tipsp. 51
Refocus Your Brain: Conclusionp. 54
3 Reset Your Primitive Alarms: Stop Your Emotions From Being Hijacked
Kathleen's Storyp. 63
The Sciencep. 64
The Amygdala Hijackp. 65
Prevent the Hijack (or Reduce the Response)p. 67
Awfulizing: Hijacked for No Reasonp. 70
The Solutionsp. 72
Labeling Reset:p. 72
Call It by Namep. 72
Tipsp. 74
Conscious Relaxation Reset:p. 74
Interrupt the Stress Responsep. 74
Tipsp. 78
Sensory Reset:p. 80
Use "Smells and Bells"p. 80
Tipsp. 86
Power Pose Reset:p. 87
Reduce Fear and Boost Confidencep. 87
Tipsp. 88
Reset Your Primitive Alarms: Conclusionp. 89
4 Reframe Your Attitude: Spiral into the Positive
Priya's Storyp. 97
The Sciencep. 100
The Benefits of Positivityp. 101
The Solutionsp. 103
Joy Kit Reframe:p. 104
Apply First Aid to Your Emotional Cuts and Bruisesp. 104
Tipsp. 106
ABCDE Reframe:p. 107
See Things from a Different Perspectivep. 107
Cynthia's Storyp. 108
Tipsp. 115
Reversi Reframe:p. 116
Turn Your Obstacles Upside Downp. 116
Tipsp. 120
PPP→CCC Reframe:p. 121
Change Pessimism to Optimismp. 121
Tipsp. 124
Daily Reframe:p. 125
Improve Your Averagep. 125
Tipsp. 127
Reframe Your Attitude: Conclusionp. 128
5 Refresh Your Body: Increase Your Fuel Efficiency
Stan's Storyp. 135
The Science of Hydrationp. 137
Hydration Affects the Other Micro-Resilience Frameworksp. 140
The Hydration Solutionsp. 142
Hydration:p. 142
Tipsp. 142
The Science of Glucose Balancep. 143
The Glucose-Balance Solutionsp. 146
Low-Glycemic Snacksp. 147
Tipsp. 148
Refresh Your Body: Conclusionp. 151
6 Renew Your Spirit: Tap into the Power of Purpose
The Bricklayers' Storyp. 159
Emily's Storyp. 160
The Sciencep. 163
The Solutionsp. 166
Values Detective Renew (Macro):p. 168
Examine Your Own Storyp. 168
Tipsp. 171
Detective's List of Questionsp. 172
Life Goals Renew (Macro):p. 174
Prioritize Your Listp. 174
Tipsp. 175
Tagline Renew (Macro):p. 176
Articulate Your Purposep. 176
Tipsp. 179
Touchstone Renew (Micro):p. 180
Keep Purpose in View Every Dayp. 180
Aden's Touchstone Renewp. 183
Sylvia's Touchstone Renewp. 185
Tipsp. 187
Schedule Renew (Micro):p. 188
Tailor Your Calendar to Your Sense or Purposep. 188
Tipsp. 190
Flow Renew (Micro):p. 191
Diagram Your Energy Levelsp. 191
Tipsp. 194
Renew Your Spirit: Conclusionp. 195
7 Putting It All Together
Josh's Storyp. 201
Josh's Techniquesp. 207
Tipsp. 208
Beth's Storyp. 211
Putting It All Together: Conclusionp. 218
Afterwordp. 221
Acknowledgmentsp. 225
Appendicesp. 231
Micro-resilience checklist: What do you want to tackle first?p. 231
Micro-Resilience Techniques: A Quick Reference Guidep. 233

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